The Authors

Leigh Ramsden
Leigh is the instigator of Dusk but perhaps historically the least prolific. Although new to online fiction he did once enjoy a brief period as a low-rent Charlie Brooker on his blog Infinite Points of Contention
John Xero
John Xero sells other people's books. One day he will sell his own.
He writes SF & fantasy flash fiction -  Xeroverse: Missing Pieces
And tiny, tiny fiction - Xeroverse: 101
Caitlin lives in a world of her own. She is obsessed with the Apocalypse, and writes sci-fi and fantasy, often with an apocalyptic feel. She is one third of popular post-apocalyptic blog In Case of Survival, and is working on a novel.
Andrew Segal
Andrew has a hundred half written stories, that he really should finish. He has a blog and a twitter. Some of his stories lurk on the internet, like Deliquesce. He has written a short story called “The Teahouse,” with illustrations by Andy Catling, for Book 2 of Fables for Japan.